Bridal Makeup Training Course

 Learn from the best in the industry…

Bridal Makeup is a delicate procedure that involves more than mere using the right products. It also requires some skills and adequate mastery.

Will you hire someone who isn’t certified or qualified to handle the bridal makeup at your wedding? DEFINITELY, NOT!

Getting the best knowledge and gaining mastery from one of the best in the industry is an incredible idea. Rana gives you this offer on a platter of gold.

Learn from the best in the industry
Makeup by Rana Course Outline

Grab this opportunity while you can!

Rana is a reputable makeup brand that also offers both one-on-one and group classes. If you are looking to learn from scratch or improve your makeup services, learn from the best and claim your rightful place in the industry at the top. How good a makeup artist becomes is dependent on the tutor. When lectured and tutored by a professional like RANA, you become a top-rated artist in the industry.

Are you looking to become a professional in bridal makeup?

Enroll at RANA makeup academy and embark on a journey to becoming the best in the industry. With your sharp mind and Rana’s well-detailed course outline, you are on a smooth path to success.

Why You Should Choose Rana

Professional and Experienced Trainers

When you are trained by experienced tutors, you get to learn from a different angle. Aside from learning from scratch, you get to understand pit stops, challenges in makeup, things you must do and things you mustn’t do. Isn’t that great? Rana is a professional brand with 10 years of experience in bridal makeup. Enroll now because you’ve got a lot to learn. 

Access to Unique Skills and Makeup Tips

Every professional makeup artist has a signature trick, which makes their work unique and outstanding. During this training course, you will learn many unique skills that will wow your imagination. They will also show rudiments and necessary tips that’s important for your career.

Adequate Mastery and Proficiency

Many makeup artists are half-baked because they know some parts and are rusty in some aspects. At Rana, you will learn everything you need to gain mastery in bridal makeup. It requires your determination and undivided attention. Become a professional by enrolling for this bridal makeup training course.

Career Boost

Learning a skill and getting certified by a professionally recognized brand is a great advantage. It will help push your career high to a point of a no return. Nobody does it better than Rana! Rana offers this option to assist young enthusiasts and makeup artists in Toronto.

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Personal or Group Makeup Lessons

We understand at Rana that not everyone learns the same way that’s why we considered providing different learning options. This way you can select your preference, learn, become the best at what you do, and live your dream.

We made available two major options: Personal or Group Makeup Lessons. If you are the type that loves one-on-one lessons, the personal package is a good option for you. On the other hand, if group learning is your thing where you will learn with many career chasers like you, then Group Makeup lessons is the best option for you. 

Rana’s most sincere vision is to ensure all their students understand everything step-by-step to achieve the look they want. Other perks of learning at Rana includes going home with a face chart, listing out and understanding the beauty steps taken. In addition, Rana will also be there to recommend products that will work best for your skin type, such that you can continue what you’ve learned every day.

Lessons are completed at our Studio in Toronto, in-home or onsite in GTA, to suit your schedule and needs.

Makeup Lesson with Rana: $500 for Two hours

With more than ten years of experience in the field of makeup and cosmetic industry, Rana Tayefeh offers complimentary makeup training courses which can excite you to start your new career and be a master of bridal makeup.

Makeup Lesson with Rana: $500 for Two hours

Amazing Bridal Makeup Masterclasses

Your art will be traced in every smile!

Are you a makeup artist in Canada, Toronto or aspiring to be one? You can improve your makeup skills, add more to your knowledge about makeup and enhance your services. You can also learn the basics of makeup from scratch with Rana’s wonderful organized makeup training.

The training is not limited to only beginners looking to learn from scratch. You can also learn more as a professional to improve your knowledge in makeup and become a bridal makeup artist.

Bridal Makeup Masterclasses are a great opportunity for professional makeup artists to expand their business and improve their career in Makeup. It is an advanced class dedicated to assist professionals in other fields in makeup to add to their offering.

Makeup by Rana Course Outline

Course Outline

Rana, a certified expert bridal makeup artist provided a well-detailed outline. It acts as a guide which helps us track your progress in the training. Learn one skill after the other using the best tools and products made available and recommended by Rana.

Course Components:

  • Learn the basics of makeup
  • Tips and tricks of the beauty industry
  • Learn her signature glams from a daytime look to evening glam.
  • Use of Professional Tools and Products for makeup
  • Health & Safety, Hygiene and Customer Care
  • The different Techniques involved in makeup
  • Understanding different types of skin.
  • Creating a perfect base.
  • Mastering smooth lines.
Makeup by Rana Course Components

Who can Enroll for this course by Makeupbyrana?

Rana’s bridal training course is available for all and sundry, male and female, young and old. However, here are some additional information you need to know before enrolling for this course:

  • All students enrolling for this training course need to be 18 years of age and above.
  • Be ready to learn with a clear mindset.
  • Show up for each class ready to improve your artistic skills.
  • Come with a positive mindset to stand out as a makeup artist in Toronto by learning unique makeup skills/styles.
  • Be ready to thrive in the beauty industry with ease.

No one does it better than Rana!

Get qualified, licensed and certified by Rana today!

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