School Events

Teen ages are the most memorable era for all of us. You won’t believe how much you are grown until you get a touch of excellent makeup on your tender-looking skin.

Your prom is around the corner, and you have to be in your best appearance if you want to stand out among the beautiful ladies in the school.

What could you do to measure up with other teenagers like you on this awesome day?

It is simple! Just book a prom makeup appointment to get the best and stand a chance to qualify as the prom queen of your class.

The teenage era is an eventful one with many important gatherings, including sweet-sixteen birthdays, school graduation parties, and other parties. It is time for many beauty debuts to show its influence on life.

Many teenagers choose their styles to define their characteristics, and then people start knowing you as an adult. All these events deserve the best makeup service collaborating with a ball gown or an appropriate dress.

We are proud of being here to stand along with you on every sweet occasion in which you need to glow.

Shine like a star at every single party!

Every single important moment of your teenage years needs to be cherished and glamorous because once passed; you can never go back. You can only refer to pictures and smile years after graduation and prom ceremony.

We couldn’t agree more with the fact that you need to attend every event appearing the best. With an excellent touch of Rana Makeup Services, you can show up at each event, appearing like a goddess in human skin.

  • We understand your expectations, that’s why we prepared the best packages suitable for your requirements, which include:
  • Using the best natural cosmetic products, harmless to your skin
  • Using the newest makeup methods
  • Consulting as an expert and suggesting what fits you based on the shape of your face, character, preference, and so on.
  • Customized hairstyle (using flower crown, coronet, braiding hair)